Corine de Farm

CORINE  DE Farme Purity micellar water for dry or sensitive skin 500ml
Rp. 190,000

Product designed and packed in France.Corine de farme purity micellar water is composed of micelle t..

Corine de Farm Body and Intimate Care Shower Gel with prebiotics (Protecting) 250 ml
Rp. 90,000

A jury of women took part in blind-testing of Body and Intimate Care Shower Gel.Body and Intimate Ca..

Corine de Farme Body and intimate care - Soothing Apaisante
Rp. 90,000

Body and Intimate care shower cream is ranked second in store sales*  95% of natural originPara..

Corine de Farme Body Intimate care Mild Protecting Gel 400ml
Rp. 110,000

Mild Protecting Gel digunakan untuk membersihkan dan mengurangi bau pada bagian Intim wanita sehari-..

Corine de Farme Micellar gel refreshing
Rp. 190,000

Corine De Farme Micellar Gel contains cornflower extracts which tone the skin and hibiscus which soo..

Corine de Farme Radiant eye serum 30ml
Rp. 250,000

Brighten your eyes with Corine de Farme’s Radiant Anti-Tiredness Eye Care, designed specifically for..

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